Safety on board

Your safety is one of our top priorities. See what we're doing to protect our passengers and crew during the coronavirus pandemic.


Enjoy exquisite in-flight food with one of the best wines in the world: Renieri Brunello di Montalcino, from the acclaimed Castello di Bossi winery.


COVID-19 tests

We conduct regular COVID-19 testing for all our crew members. This process is controlled and strictly regulated by both our company and airport services, without exception.

Facial masks

Except for their time spent in the cockpit, our crew members and other employees wear face coverings while performing their duties.

Arici Jet safety - facial masks
Arici Falcon 7x Jet interior view in details

Special cleaning

Arici Fleet Jets are cleaned in accordance with safety regulations before and after every flight. We use a highly effective airborne disinfectant.

This product was designed for disinfecting clinical surfaces and equipment, so it provides a high level of protection against all possible surface bacteria. You can read more about NDP Air Total+ here.

In addition, we filter the air throughout the entire flight, keeping the cabin air clean and fresh.

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A Unique Commute

A Unique Commute

Get precisely where you want to go with a range of 3,200 nautical miles and smaller runway landing capabilities that open travel to less-travelled airports.

Global Accessibility

Global Accessibility

Soar from Acronis’ HQ in Singapore to Hong Kong in three and a half hours or visit any of our global offices, sports partners, or Acronis Cyber Foundation schools with ease.

Speed and Performance

Speed and Performance

We’ve learned a thing or two from our motorsport partners. With a max speed of 852 kph, our private jet ensures anywhere is within reach.

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