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Enjoy exquisite in-flight food with one of the best wines in the world: Renieri Brunello di Montalcino, from the acclaimed Castello di Bossi winery.


A non-stop flight from Zurich to Dubai in just 6.5 hours

With a range of 4,000 km and a maximum speed of 852 kph, Arici Dragon Jet will take you from Zurich to Dubai in just six and a half hours on a non-stop flight.

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About us

We offer jet charter journeys tailored to you

Our jet is a Cessna Citation Sovereign, one of the most exceptional mid-size private jets in the industry. Allowing up to 8 passengers on board, Arici Dragon Jet is highly appreciated by our clients for our comfort, speed, and performance that lets us make non-stop flights for routes up to approximately 4,000 km in a spacious, sleek interior at a very competitive price.

The jet is adapted to utilize smaller runways and less-accessible airports to give you more flexibility when it comes to planning your trip compared to other jet types. Passengers can access almost any airport with our jet, so they can land closer to their final destination.

Mid-size business jet for a long-range trips

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Enjoy your privacy with our exceptional service, exquisite food, and the finest wine collection on board

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Signature Selections
In-Flight Dining

Enjoy exquisite in-flight food with one of the best wines in the world, Renieri Brunello di Montalcino from the acclaimed Castello di Bossi winery.

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Pack a Second Bag

Confidently store everything you need for your destination with our 1,100-lb baggage capacity that makes any arrival feel like returning home. Our baggage capacity is perfect for six standard-sized golf bags.

Arici Jet in details - work with comfort

Securely remain online and stay on top of your business while in the sky.

Acronis Cyber Protect

Work on the cloud while traveling through the clouds with Wi-Fi communications secured by built-in Acronis Cyber Protect technology, the world's leading cyber protection solution.

Unlock Stable Wi-Fi Anywhere

Work from anywhere with Wi-Fi and rest easy knowing your device and data are protected the entire way.


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Max speed
Wing loading
276.8 kg/m2
Power loading
1.18 kg/hp
Takeoff field length
1,076 m
Landing distance
709 m
Baggage capacity
453 kg
22.05 m
Cabin height
1.7 m

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A Unique Commute

A Unique Commute

Get precisely where you want to go with a range of 3,200 nautical miles and smaller runway landing capabilities that open travel to less-travelled airports.

Global Accessibility

Global Accessibility

Soar from Acronis’ HQ in Singapore to Hong Kong in three and a half hours or visit any of our global offices, sports partners, or Acronis Cyber Foundation schools with ease.

Speed and Performance

Speed and Performance

We’ve learned a thing or two from our motorsport partners. With a max speed of 852 kph, our private jet ensures anywhere is within reach.

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