Meet the crew

Arici Fleet Team consists of great professionals, passionate about their job. The team is doing its best to provide the top-level service for our guests.


Enjoy exquisite in-flight food with one of the best wines in the world: Renieri Brunello di Montalcino, from the acclaimed Castello di Bossi winery.


Eduardo Peña

Captain Peña has more than 20 years of experience flying corporate jets and business aviation. He performed his training in AFN Spain, where he got his aviation degree from the University of La Coruña, and in the United States at FlightSafety training centers (Wichita, Wilmington, Tampa, and Miami).


For me, flying is a passion, and I'm proud that our passengers leave the plane with the best aviation experience.

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 Arici Jet Crew - Captain Eduardo
Arici Jet Crew - co-pilot Pablo

Pablo Fernández-Peña Martin-Pozuelo

First Officer Fernández-Peña Martin-Pozuelo has 10 years of piloting experience. He studied at the Retamar School in Madrid and got his EASA license from Aerotec in Madrid. Also, he obtained an American private license from Dean International School in Miami, Florida.

USA private license

I like to fly and see new places around the world.

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Arici Jet Crew

Enzo Mossino

Captain Mossino started his education in 1997 in Turin, where he successfully completed training school. After that, he continued in Rome and the United States for the first jet type ratings. He has 21 years and ~11K flying hours since he first got his pilot's uniform. Having the honor to fly for the Jordan royal family, politicians, and many other VIP customers, Captain Mossino is an experienced and highly professional member of our crew.


When I grow up, I'm going to be a pilot,' that used to be my childhood dream. And today, every time my hands are on the controls, and there's a runway in front of me, that little child dreaming of his first flight awakens in me with the same emotion.

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Arici Jet Crew - Captain Enzo
Arici Jet Crew - Mercedes, flight attendant

Mercedes Barrera

Mercedes has 20+ years of flight attendant experience. She flew for Air Nostrum, Spanair, Vueling, and Air Europa. This experience made Mercedes a great professional who knows her job very well.

I feel like aviation is my life. The way I live every flight with every passenger is amazing. It's exciting to see them enjoying it. I like traveling around the world and experiencing different cultures. It makes us open our minds. See you on my next flight!

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A Unique Commute

A Unique Commute

Get precisely where you want to go with a range of 3,200 nautical miles and smaller runway landing capabilities that open travel to less-travelled airports.

Global Accessibility

Global Accessibility

Soar from Acronis’ HQ in Singapore to Hong Kong in three and a half hours or visit any of our global offices, sports partners, or Acronis Cyber Foundation schools with ease.

Speed and Performance

Speed and Performance

We’ve learned a thing or two from our motorsport partners. With a max speed of 852 kph, our private jet ensures anywhere is within reach.

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